Excited to be working on my first Bitcoin project

I have found it inherently easier to put my trust in mathematics and elliptic curve cryptography rather than in political entities, Fiat currencies, Governments, Federal Treasuries and debt instruments.

In that spirit I am overjoyed to be working with Cointera to build a bitcoin order path for the most stellar performance bitcoin mining ASIC processors ever available in the marketplace. Indeed Cointerra builds the highest-performing hashing ASICs available in the market. These appliances consume only a fraction of the power consumed by appliances currently available.

Consider this an impassioned plea to participate in the bitcoin economy! We bitcoin enthusiasts need an avenue to spend our cryptocurrency!

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it is really incredibly easy to accept payments with bitcoin

Just a simple button – check it out !
Pay With Bitcoin

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This is completely diabolical.

This is completely diabolical! I wish paypal could be asked to show cause ref http://lnkd.in/fHGd8h

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Will see you @ ‘inside bitcoins’ NYC 7/30

Explore the Future of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency
Virtual currencies are taking off, as platform and processing systems become more reliable and traditional merchants begin to adopt new forms of payment. The Inside Bitcoins conference and expo on July 30 will explore key issues including the future of currency, FinTech business trends, investment strategies and opportunities, and more. The program is designed to provide an overview of where the virtual currency industry is today and what business opportunities are on the horizon.

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Heading to Amsterdam for the bitcoin master class

I am heading to Amsterdam on 6/2 to attend a masterclass on Bitcoin,

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Tested Out Ribbon today

another way to sell on the web ! https://ribbon.co/7c4645
Took me about 3 minutes to set up the account.

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