We provide consultation for various online payment processes.

  • Processor Selection & Onboarding
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Micropayment Business Logic
  • Set Up Of Subscription Services
  • Operational Review
  • International Expansion
  • Security Architecture Review
  • PCI Compliance Strategies

Expertise in various payment tenders

As you can see I am promiscuous with payment method acceptance. I use below list to test out payment methods. See a payment method not listed here ? Drop me a note to add it.

1. Flint Mobile

2. Bitcoin

Test Your Bitcoin Client

Endpoint on my Macbook !

BTC endpoint!

Donate Bitcoins

Pay now


3. Paypal

Fairly standard, easiest way to pay online !


4. Dwolla

Indeed, a great way to move money. No percentages. No hidden fees. Just 25¢ per transactionor free for transactions $10 or less. 

5. Google Checkout

Must admit, it took me much longer to set up google checkout…..        



6. Gumroad

Setup gumroad end to end and completed my first payment in less than 5 minutes… pick my brain   


7. We Pay

No confusing forms or applications. Accept your first payment in under a minute. No contracts, no monthly fees, no hidden fees. Just 2.9% + 30¢ for all credit cards. Donate For my Beer fund  

8. Ribbon

Ribbon makes accepting payments across the web simple. Accept payments instantly for just 2.9% + $0.30 for all credit cards.
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9. Amazon

Then there is amazon


8. CC method

Then is WIP, attempting a direct CC method in a sandbox.
alina consultants CC adaptor

Non payment related tests :-